OSINT (Open Source Intelligence)

What is OSINT?

OSINT is a method of collection of data that is available publicly either offline or online. It
includes information available on the internet, research, mass media, photos or geospatial
information. It plays a significant role in the collection of data to be used by researchers to
understand the immediate response in the contemporary cyber world. It also provides significant
information about any threat or risk by using a combination of various intelligence operations.


OSINT has been there for many years, even before the internet came into being. It is said that
OSINT became low key after World War 2 when human intelligence and spying popularized.
With the rise of social media and internet access to information has become easier and more
efficient thus highlighting the real worth of OSINT.


>Traditional sources like magazines, radio, newspapers, television and books.
> Online forums, blogs, YouTube, digital files and all other information available online.
>Academic publications, employee profiles, resume, etc.
>Maps and other Geospatial Information.
>Photos and videos.


This process requires minimal investment. Also, the process is more accessible as information
can be collected from various platforms making it easier. But at the same time, humungous
information can be difficult to filter thus taking a lot of time.
This technique can be used by business owners to make huge profits by maki9ng several
business goals and strategies.

So what are you waiting for? Gear up to know more about OSINT, its use in cybersecurity and a
lot more.

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