About Us

Our story

AI Council is an expert committee of driven and motivated collaborators aiming towards easy accessibility of futuristic learning for everyone. AI Council provides industry-ready skills on niche and marketable topics to individuals seeking to appraise their career graphs. AI Council provides multi-modal learning platforms for holistic knowledge acquisition in penetrative testing, ethical hacking, robotics, and other such subjects. Through customized learning sessions, group discussions, lectures by leading industry experts, and hands-on training experiences, AI Council makes futuristic learning and modern technology approachable and convenient across all sectors. AI Council is set on its endeavor to make learning and growing more futuristic than ever before. 

Our Moto

AI Council’s motto is to provide a world-class learning experience for those desirous of industry-specific technological skills in Artificial Intelligence. AI Council prepares user-friendly course materials and tutorials suited for learners of all ages, catering to students as well as professionals. Al Council strives to create an interactive space built around priority topics in AI: from fundamentals to advance levels. Data drives the world, and AI Council will drive Data to you.