We build upon the courses by world class professionals on the solid structure of artificial intelligence keeping ourselves ahead of the trend, so that the fruit of the knowledge could be successfully utilized across all digital niches. Our carefully designed courses try to bring the best out of this field. The scope of applied knowledge is also massive in this field. A tiny little step forward can bring massive changes to the AI community. We have taken our small step.

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Role of Leadership
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Artificial Intelligence

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Fundamentals of AI

artificial Intelligence

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Python for Professional


Digital Marketing

Job Partner

To revolutionize talent discovery by leveraging specialized gatherings as a channel for job discovery



  • Guaranteed feedback with analytics within 72 hours.
  • Job competition limited to the event attendees.
  • Find Freelance, Part-time, Consulting and Full-time jobs through specialized events.
  • Real-time analytics for stats on live jobs and average compensation.
  • Post-event analytics to evaluate market standing and up-skill.


  • One ticket per event to post multiple jobs and get unlimited prequalified applications equates to the lowest cost per hire.
  • Discover specialized events relevant to your industry and job openings.
  • Access passive candidates who are not present on job boards.
  • Review resumes efficiently using the Recorem’s Smart Resume Viewer and schedule interviews.
  • Recruit and collaborate as a team on Recorem simultaneously at multiple events.

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