Role of Leadership in AI business

Role of Leadership in AI business

Amber Vanderburg

Amber Vanderburg

Pathwayz Group

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Lesson 1
Leadership is Influence/ Culture

 Students will engage in a lively session to learn what leadership is and is not.
 Students will learn action steps in determining the desired culture for their organization and practical ways to encourage and discourage that desired culture through attitudes, behaviors, and systems.
 Students will also dive deep into action steps for building a culture that is uniquely better by examining the 4 pillars of collaborative ownership.

Lesson 2
Leadership is Changing

 Students will build upon a foundation of leadership and culture understanding and apply them to leading and influencing change in organizations.
 Students will learn from Dr. J. Kotters Change Model while actively participating in a workshop that gives action steps to change.
 Students will choose one particular aspect of change that they would like to lead and then go through a full workshop to model ideation to implementation of effective change.

Lesson 3
Leadership is Communication

 Students will expand on their leadership journey to sharpen their leadership skill of communication.
 Students will learn how to share and receive a message effectively. We will discuss how to deliver a message in a noisy world as well as learn how to effectively listen in a distracting world.
 Students will learn action steps from Dr. M. Rutland’s Effective Communication Model.

Lesson 4
Leadership is Conflict

 Students will learn how to address different ideas and actions.
 Students will learn how to engage in conflict and encourage lively discussion in a healthy manner.
 We will discuss healthy and unhealthy conflict, the pendulums of disruptions and development, how to address consistency and accountability, and draw lessons from crucial conversations.

Lesson 5
Leadership is Coaching

Students will prepare to launch into more learning in this final session about influencing and coaching people. Students will learn action steps to build up talent and other people. We will discuss great leaders in legacy and the importance of succession planning in your leadership journey.

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