Twitter Follow Ratio Calculator: What Is Its Significance?

Twitter Follow Ratio Calculator: What Is Its Significance?

Every Twitter account can have up to 5,000 followers. As soon as you attain that number, you might have to wait till your Twitter account has additional followers before you are allowed to follow extra accounts. This figure is distinct for every account and gets robotically computed based on your exclusive followers to following twitter ratio. Oftentimes, a Twitter follow ratio calculator is used to work out the follower to following ratio.

Twitter follower ratio: What is it all about?

Twitter, as a social media networking site, concentrates on the norm of followers. As you prefer to follow any other person who also has a Twitter account, the tweets of that person come up in opposite chronological sequence on your primary Twitter page. When you are following 20 individuals, you will come across a blend of tweets rolling down the page.

The users of Twitter can subscribe to the tweets of other users. This procedure is termed “following” and the subscribers are named “followers”. On many occasions, the followers are named as tweets which is a combination of the terms “peeps” and “Twitter”.

If you own a brand and you are trying to promote it via Twitter, then it’s crucial to know about the followers vs. following ratio that talks a lot about your brand. So, there is a pertinent question of quality vs. quantity.

A model following vs. followers ratio is 1.0 and everything close to (0.75 to 1.25) 1.0 ratio. This interprets that for every 100 individuals that you follow, you need to have 100 followers as a minimum. A 1.0 Twitter follower ratio demonstrates equilibrium between the counts of your followers vs. following. It is always reasonable to maintain a positive follower to following ratio since it influences the accomplishment of your commercial enterprise.

How to calculate your Twitter follower ratio?           

You can always use a Twitter ratio calculator for calculating your follower to following ratio. For calculating your Twitter follower ratio, you need to divide the number of accounts that follow you by the number of accounts followed by you. For instance, if your follower count is 5,000 and 2,500 people are followed by you, then your twitter ratio is 2 (5,000/2,500) or 2:1 if you wish to utilize a true ratio. 

Like to follower ratio, another tool used by Instagram users

Instagram is a US-based social networking platform for sharing photos and videos. As Twitter also has video and photo sharing features, Instagram is often considered its competitor. Similar to Twitter, Instagram users take the help of like to follower ratio to analyze the performance of their brands. On average, Instagram accounts have an engagement rate of 3%. This implies that the mean Instagram likes to followers ratio is 3%. Nonetheless, this figure changes with the followers’ count. In the case of Instagram accounts with approximately 1,000 followers, the mean like to follower ratio is around 10%. So, if you have 800 followers, then you should obtain 80 likes per image as normal. Anything more than that is outstanding! As far as the follower to following ratio in Instagram is concerned, a sensible follower ratio for Instagram stays about 2:1 range. Therefore, your followers should be twice that of the number of accounts you follow on Instagram.

There is a range of online tools and resources available on the Internet that include ratio formula calculators and follow ratio calculators such as,,,,,, and An online ratio calculator carries out three categories of functions and demonstrates the steps for solving:

  • Simplification of ratios or generating an equivalent ratio while one aspect of the ratio is vacant.
  • Solving ratios for the one omitted value while doing comparisons of ratios or proportions.
  • Comparison of ratios and analysis as true or false to reply whether fractions or ratios are corresponding.

How to measure the quality of a tweet via the follow ratio calculator?

If you wish to measure the quality of a tweet made by you, one easy and common technique of doing it is to divide the number of replies received by you to your tweet by the number of favorites it received, to be more precise, likes, as Twitter lucidly interprets it.    

So, you can calculate ratios online and determine the potential of your brand whether your social media platform is Twitter, Instagram, or something else.

Is it necessary to follow everyone who follows you on Twitter?   

The resolution of following back somebody relies on your goals of utilizing Twitter. You don’t need to follow back everyone who is following you on Twitter. When following back a user account does not generate any engagement or communication between you and him, there is no use to include him in your following list. At the same time, you should remember that followers count on Twitter since the more people follow you, the more is the probability that they will go through your content. If it sends a feel across readers, the higher is the chance that somebody will retweet it, producing viral marketing that Twitter is known for. People who have more followers appear to have more trustworthiness than those who don’t. Wouldn’t you prefer to have 1,000 followers to 100 followers?

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