Thing You Should Know About Instagram Influencer Marketing

Thing You Should Know About Instagram Influencer Marketing

When looking for recommendations in the digital era, we tend to follow a person online as we feel they are authentic and honest, the values shared are common to ours, and also they care about their “ Instagram family.” Instagram influencers are the go-to when looking for recommendations these days.

We are indeed more confident, comfortable, and familiar with buying a product when we have more interactions with the same.

Earlier, the brands use to message the target customers directly even with getting ignored most of the time. But in the modern era, thanks to social media, the scenario has changed.

Brands these days rely on Instagram influencers to understand and identify the emotions of the consumers, capitalize and explore the new markets, and increase brand loyalty.

Now, to understand what is Instagram influencer marketing, we should first know who an influencer is.

Who is an Influencer?

“ An influencer is often regarded as a blogger or a content creator. They are the resources that we can trust when it comes to social media engagement. They are trustworthy because the reviews or information share by them for different services and products are mostly genuine and always helpful.”

Now, let talk about influencer marketing and its benefits.

Benefits of Influencer Marketing

“Influencer marketing of Instagram is one of the strategies for content marketing. By partnering or collaborating with an influencer, the brand promotes itself or the products and services offered by them.”

Sponsered Instagram blogs, posts, or stories; an event with the special appearance of an influencer; or posts or stories in other social media platforms are some of the most common examples of influencer marketing.

The benefits of Instagram influencer marketing include:

  • Building Trusts of the Consumers

Instagram influencers have gained trust and credibility and built relations with their fans. So, when a post is shared by these influencers about a particular brand or trust, the consumers do not have second thoughts about it.

  • Improving the Brand Awareness

Through influencers, a brand can expand its reach online. The consumers get to know more about what the brand is all about through Instagram influencer marketing.

  • The Content Strategy for an Influencer can be Enriched

The gap in an influencer’s content schedule can be filled when they share content about some brands.

Apart from all of the above benefits, few others are that the content is effectively reached to the targeted audience; and provides amazing value as well to the audience, and even helps to build partnerships.

How to maximize Instagram influencer marketing?

Here are the steps that can help to maximize Instagram influencer marketing:

  • One of the initial and most important steps is to find an influence who is a perfect fit for the brand.
  • A brand needs to foster a relationship with the influencer for a communication that is more open and an endorsement that is genuine. This can be done by sending gifts, samples, or PR packages.
  • Any influencer will be more interested in a long-term contract with a brand than a short one. So, it not only helps to build trust among the two parties but even the consumers can trust the brand.
  • The brand should be updated with the list of influencers that make the most impact and this can be done by staying in contact with agencies of the influencers.
  • The content that needs to be created should be beneficial to both the brand and influencer. So, it is mandatory to select a channel that works for the brand and select the influencer that is involved in similar products and services offered by the brand.
  • It is mandatory to track the budget and regularly check the ROI from the past campaigns and invest in the future based on the past profits.

How to create an Instagram influencer marketing plan, that can be successful?

Every influencer needs a strategy to become successful. There are a lot of plans which one can incorporate but the plan mentioned below is easy and can be followed by all.

  • Like everything, even a marketing plan should have a goal. The KPI’s and some kind of expectations should be there in the mind of an influencer before actually going ahead with influencer marketing. The goal should be “SMART”, which means it should be “Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely.”
  • The next step is to find the influencer who is more relevant to the brand. There are three types of influencers that includes nano, micro, and macro.
  • On shortlisting the influencer one thinks is more suitable, it is important to send a pitch that gives the influencer a reason to collaborate.
  • Designing the campaign is another important part of the strategy. While designing it, a brand should keep the influencer in the loop and also considering their perspective.
  • In the end, it is necessary to optimize and track the marketing campaign that has been rolled out.

But, Does Instagram Influencer Marketing Work?

The answer is yes but the fact that not everyone can pay must be kept in mind. It is not possible for all the brands that want influencer marketing to spend six figures for the same. The good news is that based on influencer marketing Instagram statistics, micro-influencers attract a much higher social media engagement than others.

Thanks to Instagram and its influencers, that even when the whole world is under a pandemic, the industries are still able to make a difference.

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