Start Up in Artificial intelligence

Start Up in AI

Ai Council certified Start up course can guarantee to give entrepreneurial abilities which are required to build a solid business. It provides practical tools required to convert innovative thoughts into the real product. It will give insight of market and existing business which will help in understanding the gap between customer demand and market so that gap can be converted into opportunity.

Christos Lampropoulos

Christos Lampropoulos

Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO)


 Understanding Market Trend
 Understanding Customer Need
 Understanding Customer & Market Opportunity
 Analyzing Market Need & Opportunity
 Understanding Organizational Behavior & Culture
 Design of Organization based on Customer Need
 Design of Organization Based on Market Need
 Analyzing Team Formation and Management
 Understanding Key factors before Launching


 Module 1: Who is Entrepreneur
 Module 2: Fundamentals for Entrepreneurship
 Module 3: Innovative Concepts
 Module 4: Different Model
 Module 5: Key Factors
 Module 6: Role of Customers
 Module 7: Role of Market
 Module 8: Understanding Market
 Module 9: Financial Assistance

 Module 10: Understanding Organization Culture
 Module: 11 Understanding team Culture
 Module 12: Role of Organizational Culture
 Module 13: Leadership Qualities
 Module 14: Team Formation
 Module 15: Role of Publicity
 Module 16: Launching your Start-up
 Module 17: Lunching your organizational culture

** Certificate of Appreciation from AI Council**

Per Participant

Rs. 10,000/-
Rs. 2,500/-


$133.84 (USD)
$33.46 (USD)



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