Is A Low Bounce Rate Bad For Your Business?

Is A Low Bounce Rate Bad For Your Business?

Bounce rate is a way to tell how well the contents of your site are, and how well your site is doing as a whole. Even if the figures are not always what you like, this is a great way to judge where you are going wrong and attend to the needful. If you are wondering “How?” then this blog is just for you. We have attempted to describe to your what exactly is a bounce rate, and what role it plays in assessing your business growth. Let’s start then!

What is the “Bounce Rate” in Google analytics?

Before we get any further let us first understand what is bounce rate. 

A bounce is a singular page session on a website. According to Analytics, a bounce is determined explicitly as a session, which triggers just a solitary solicitation to the Analytics worker, for example, when a client opens a solitary page on your site and afterward exits without setting off some other solicitations to the Analytics servers during that visit.

The average bounce rate, therefore, is the output of single-page sessions that are divided by all the sessions on the site. Bounce rate is an Internet term used to analyze web traffic. It addresses the level of guests who enter the site and afterward leave instead of proceeding to search further inside the site.

These single-page sessions come with a span of zero seconds as there would not be any ensuing hits after the first that would allow Analytics to compute the length of the visit or the duration of the stay.

Are exit rates and bounce rates the same?

The descriptions of both these terms are a bit overlapping. The bounce rate is an estimate of people who have visited your website once and left without any further engagements, while the exit rate tells you how many people have left your page.

In simpler terms, Google bounce rate is dictated by figuring the tally of bounces that a page observes over the total number of online visits to the page. Whenever a user visits your site but leaves immediately without performing any further activities inside the site, say searching further or commenting, a bounce occurs.

Exit rate, though, takes a gander at the tally of individuals who leave your site subsequent to arriving on a page and calculates it to the aggregate of the views that the page got.

Is a low bounce rate a bad thing?

Not really. It is the percentage of people who have left your site without any further exploration. So the lower your bounce rate is the better.

But this really depends on what kind of business you own. If your site is dependent on viewership and your bounce rate is high, say about 75%, then yes, it is bad. But then again ensuring that your site has a low bounce is, either way, good for your site as that would, in turn, ensure quality content– content that would urge the users to explore further.

If you are wondering “how to reduce bounce rate”, then yes, there are ways to achieve lower bounce rates too. You can include links related to your content that the users might want to give a try or links that are lucrative enough to get the attention of the viewer. Whatever you do, the trick remains the same- aim for customer satisfaction and be as creative as possible in fulfilling the agenda.

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