How Apt Are The Technological Advancements? Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

How Apt Are The Technological Advancements? Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

It has been years since Artificial Intelligence has become a part of human’s everyday life. There are a lot of positive changes AI has brought and will continue to benefit the humans in near future. If considered the benefits of artificial intelligence, there are plenty. 

This article will give a brief about the benefits & risks of artificial intelligence which further will give a clear picture of what this terminology means.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence: An Overview

Artificial Intelligence benefits to modern age are manifold. Whether it’s artificial intelligence benefits to society or the economic benefits of artificial intelligence.

AI advantages are not only confined to social and economic context but there are plenty of benefits that AI contributes to our daily life.

Some of the Artificial Intelligence benefits are as follows: 

  • Automation and AI Technology

It is the automation field that has experienced the majority of benefits due to Artificial Intelligence. Significant impacts of AI can be seen particularly in transportation, communications, service industries as well as consumer products. In these sectors, automation leads to an increase in production price as well as an increase in productivity. The raw materials are used more effectively and efficiently, an increase in the quality of the product is seen along with superior safety.

  • Smarter Decision Making

Smart business decisions and artificial intelligence go hand in hand. Data delivery, developing data consistency, analyzing trends, providing forecasts, and quantifying uncertainties for a better outcome are all well-coordinated through AI Technologies.

  • New Inventions

One of the advantages is that it is powering a lot of inventions in every field and domain that allows mankind to solve the majority of the complex problems.

For example: predicting breast cancer on women at an early stage with the help of artificial intelligence

  • Daily Applications

Be it searching places, clicking pictures, making a phone call or sending messages, playing music, adding an event to the calendar, and many more, Siri, Cortana, and ok google are used by the majority of people.

  • Reduction in errors made by humans

Humans make a lot of mistakes and computers do not if programmed properly. For the past few years, the number of mistakes is reduced as With the help of Artificial intelligence, the final decisions are taken based on pieces of information gathered previously by utilizing a specified set of algorithms.

Example: The weather forecast is now more precise and accurate than ever.

  • Easier to do repetitive tasks

Performing a task repetitively is not only time-consuming but monotonous as well. It reduces employees’ productivity. It is the Robotic processed automation powered by AI that can automate interactions between the various systems of business, making the whole process less tiresome.

Risks of Artificial Intelligence: A Holistic View

There might be many benefits of artificial intelligence but everything comes with a cost. Some of the risks of AI are as follows:

  • It involves a huge  cost to create and further update software and hardware for AI
  • As AI means smart machines, people become dependant on everything automated and are now becoming lazy
  • As AI is now taking over, there will be nothing that cannot be automated. Due to an increased dependency on Machines, the level of unemployment will be increased as there will be fewer labourers needed.
  • Machines can only perform in the way it has been designed and not out of the box. So to work efficiently, one still needs a creative mind which is not possible with AI technologies.
  • AI technologies might mean smarter working but one cannot ignore the fact that no machine or robots can have emotions. Certain emotions and qualities are mandatory in the workplace like team management and leadership and all these are not possible with AI.

We humans should accept that everything has its own merit and demerit, and as an advanced race, it’s our duty to appreciate the benefits of artificial intelligence and also prevent the risks of AI. In the end, it depends on each individual if they are using these technologies efficiently or misusing the power.

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