History of Social Media –How Has It Evolved Over the Years?

History of Social Media –How Has It Evolved Over the Years?

The evolution of social media has occurred, as a result of the human impulse to connect better and to make optimum usage of digital technology. It is all about connecting and bridging the gap between individuals and organizations, regardless of whether you are an entrepreneur or a part of the workforce. The history of social media dates back to 1997 when the first social site known by the name was set up by Andrew Weinreich. 

Social Media History –Interesting Facts about the History of Social Media 

Now, that we know what was the first social media platform let’s delve deeper into the interesting moments leading to the social media platforms of today. 

To start with, when did social media start? In a true sense, the first time social media began was on May 24th, 1844, when the message was comprised of dashes and electronic dots written on a telegraph machine. 

The majority of the explanations related to the origin of the modern-day social media and internet activities point towards ARPANET or Advanced Research Projects Agency Network that emerged during 1969. 

Interesting Moments Related to Social Media History


The first social media site was as mentioned above. It attracted more than one million users and was bought for $125 before bringing down its shutters. 

2. (2000)

It was a site that allowed users to submit their photos and asked others to rate their attractiveness. It is said this site fostered the advent of YouTube and Facebook. However, it witnessed several shut-downs before the owners diversified it as a “game” in the year 2014. 

3. Friendster (2002)

This site was launched in 2002 initially as a dating site that would help people get in touch with their like-minded friends. Such was the popularity of the site that in 2003, the servers gave way, thereby adversely users that left the site to explore greener pastures. 

4. MySpace: “a place for friends” (2003)

MySpace became the next big thing after Friendster and it was regarded as a rival. It was the “go-to-site” for innumerable teenagers during that period. As compared to Friendster’s private profiles, MySpace had a public profile where you could post videos, images, and music. 

5. Many in Pipeline

Following Mark Zuckerberg’s Facemash (2003-2005), was followed by Facebook in 2014, and on close heels was LinkedIn, Photobucket, Flickr, del.ici.ous, and WordPress.

YouTube was launched in the year 2005 with the name of the first video being “Me at the zoo”. It was followed by Reddit and Twitter (2006). This was followed by Tumblr (2007) and the era of microblogging sites and the concept of hashtags came into existence

Now we have Instagram as the latest in vogue and one of the most sought-after social media platforms around. 

As we explain the history of social media, there’s a lot that the future holds for the same fueled by emerging and latest technology in the era of machine learning and artificial intelligence

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