Google Adwords Keyword Tool- Why Include It as Your Marketing Tool

Google Adwords Keyword Tool- Why Include It as Your Marketing Tool

The Google Ads Keyword Planner is a useful tool when it comes to creating keywords that are strong and making the most out of your Pay-Per-Click campaigns. This planner can help you to work out your online marketing campaigns and strategies.

What can you do with the help of this Google keyword Adwords tool? With the help of this Google Adwords free keyword tool, you will be able to do the following-

  • Look or search for keywords and ad group ideas
  • Monitor how a set or list of keywords is performing in your online marketing campaign
  • Set up a combination of keywords and key phrases so that you can create a new relevant list of keywords that might perform better.
  • You can work out the budget that you will use for your campaign
  • Select competitive bids

These are just a few of the benefits of Google Adwords keyword tool that you will derive from the Google Adwords free keyword tool. 

How to use Google Adwords keyword tool for best results?

You can follow these tips to get optimum results from your campaign by using the tool-

  1. Make use of basic filtering

If you make use of basic filtering, you will be able to identify new keywords, allow you to go for keyword list combinations. Learn trends in search volume, and also forecasts pertaining to click and cost performances.

Keep in mind a specific keyword might have a search volume that is high across wide areas or nationally, you can filter the location so that you are able to understand how popular a particular keyword is within your local reach.

  1. Use quality over quantity for Keywords

With the help of the Google Adwords keyword tool-free, you will be able to narrow down the new keywords and key phrases that your competitors are using for their businesses. You will be able to view “Google recommended” keywords generated by the pages from product category and landing pages.

  1. Prepare a budget for keywords

The level of competition for a particular keyword can determine its cost. Depending on the number of competitors bidding for a keyword, the ranking for a keyword is low, medium, and high. The per average bid for the most relevant keyword is the highest.

  1. Allow your “Geographic audience” to view your ads

The Google Adwords keyword tool allows you to use filters that will help you in customizing your ads as per location and language. This approach helps especially if you have a brick-and-mortar outlet too.

The tips mentioned above are just a few of them. You can be innovative and work out better ways to make the most of these ad planners.


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