Google Adwords Campaign- Attract the Right Visitors to Your Brand

Google Adwords Campaign- Attract the Right Visitors to Your Brand

Prior to understanding the various aspects of this tool, it is important to understand what is Google Adwords campaign in the first place?

Google Ads was earlier known by Google Adwords. If you happen to find a website on the first page of SERP, aside from having a good SEO approach and strategy, it is also quite likely that the brand has implemented an effective Google Ads campaign. 

With Google Ads, you pay so that one of your advertisements can appear or get displayed to prospective leads or visitors when they come to the search engine major and type in a query.

It may be mentioned here that setting up a Google Adwords campaign is not difficult and with the right kind of Google Adwords campaign management, you can get effective results from the campaign. Let us find out more about the same.

Remember, how to run a Google Adwords campaign will entirely depend on your business objectives and the Google Adwords campaign cost that you have decided upon for your marketing endeavors.  

How to set up a Google Adwords campaign- Tips for success

Find below a few of the tips that can help you to make a Google Adwords campaign a success.

1. Set a clear goal

According to Michael Ortner, CEO of Capterra, “The most important part of any SEM {search engine marketing} campaign is to have a clear goal in mind. The point of almost any AdWords campaign should be to grow sales, as opposed to merely generating brand awareness (which is more difficult to measure)”.

2. Do not mislead consumers

According to Alexa Talpau, the director of Online Marketing, Webs9, which is an internet marketing firm, “Your ads need to be entirely accurate for the landing page advertised. Your top targeted keywords should be used in the content included on that landing page and in the ads text”.

3. Including negative keywords helps

As per Susan Mirkin, an online media specialist at Market Mentors, a service marketing company, “Always remember to include negative keyword targeting. Negative keywords are keywords related to other keywords in the campaign that are not related to what is being advertised”.

4. Cater to mobile users

According to Shelly Cihan, a digital marketing manager at Adworkshop, which operates as a digital marketing agency, “Ensure that you are using mobile-preferred ads within your enhanced campaigns. This allows for customized message and mobile-specific calls-to-action (CTAs) that will speak directly to your mobile users”.

Aside from the above, make sure you address your target audience, an aspect that does not require any explanation but goes without saying.

Also, remember, there are various Google Adwords campaign types and you can go ahead with the one that you think will meet your business requirements the best.

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