Find Out the Easiest Ways to Develop Brand Awareness

Find Out the Easiest Ways to Develop Brand Awareness

To understand simply the concept of brand awareness, we need to look at daily instances of our consumption, what we choose or ask for at the shop as consumers. The fact that we do not ask for adhesive bandages at the pharmacy, but for Band-Aid or order a Coke at a café but not soda, are proofs of great brand awareness among its targeted consumers. The popularity of these brands has made them synonymous with the actual commodity and the name of the brand.

The success of any brand lies in achieving this peak of consciousness among a large number of consumers. Although it is true, achieving the pinnacle achieved by big consumer brands might be unachievable for small enterprises with limited resources, but with proper asset management and optimum uses of the resource at hand, it is possible to develop maximum brand awareness and a steady consumer base who would prefer what you are selling over the same service or commodity sold by some other enterprises.

So without wasting time on introductory details, let us leapfrog to the essentials- what is brand awareness, the importance of brand awareness, and how to increase your brand awareness by implementing these tried and tested easy strategies.

How does Brand Awareness Work?

Brand awareness is the extent to which your brand is recognized by a targeted consumer base, and the preference of the service or product sold by you over the same offered by someone else. while achieving brand awareness like the big brands may not be feasible, it is however possible to replicate and implement their strategies on a smaller scale, to get better returns compared to other competing service providers for the same targeted consumer base. Brand awareness can be about a large number of people knowing about your business, a natural reliance on your brand irrespective of other lucrative and cheaper options in the market. This means your brand name should have an active presence in day-to-day interaction or internet users looking up your brand name when they want to avail of a service or buy a product that your enterprise is selling.

The necessity of building brand awareness is that it helps create a steady consumer base who are aware of the existence of your brand from prior experience. The experience of previous user satisfaction is the reason they will remember your brand next time they avail the service or buy the product. The user experience is a key to not only have a steady flow of customers but ensure that they spread awareness among potential consumers. Word of mouth is a way of spontaneous and cheap advertisement that will help you build positive brand awareness.

Brand visibility is an important factor that will help you increase your brand awareness. A popular name, tagline, an appealing logo is always a good way to ensure that the impression of your brand will last longer in the mind of the consumers. The curved M is a sign that will always make the consumer remember McDonald’s. This is why visual impression is an important factor that helps in improving brand awareness.

It is not simply a matter of remembering a particular brand name or image, but how this image of the brand activates in the mind of the consumer a previously experienced feeling of satisfaction that they experienced while using that particular brand of service or product so that every time the customer comes across an advertisement (can be digital ads, boards, video ads), the audience recalls with positivity the experience of using your brand. This is why advertisement is an important aspect of the brand awareness campaign, which keeps alive the memory of the positive user experience associated with any brand.

Let us move forward to easy strategies that will help you increase the awareness of your brand among existing and potential customers.

Easy strategies to improve brand awareness

1. Referrals- the word of mouth is a very convenient way of improving brand awareness. To ensure that people talk about your brand and let other people know about the services offered you have to invest in referral programs. Referral programs work by providing added benefits to the consumer who refers your brand to potential customers. The added benefits might be in the form of discounts or free products for every new customer who comes with a reference of the previous consumer.

2. Lucrative guest content-if you can put up well-designed content on other websites and blogs, it is a great way to spread your brand’s name to potential consumers. If you can design and display lucrative content on a website that has good user penetration, you would be able to create a long-lasting impression in the mind of potential consumers.

Infographics are a good way of creating lucrative content by using choice color schemes, appealing designs, simple and catchy messages that can be understood easily are a good way of creating a long-lasting impression in the mind of the users.

3. Free and premium choices- Free service is a good way of offering only limited service to the consumer so that they can later upgrade to paid premium service to receive the added benefits of the premium service. Free service is a good way of creating consumption habits among customers.

4. Partnership– Partnership with other popular enterprises that offer some other services is a good way of capitalizing on an already popular platform. To collaborate with local service providers that provide associated service on events and seminars, for instance, a new brand of soda can gain popularity through a partnership with an already popular local burger joint.

Once you know how to build brand awareness with the resources that you have at hand, you can expect a greater return on your investments. It is necessary to avail digital as well social communication platforms with great penetration to reach new customers as well as keep the memory of your brand alive in the mind of existing consumers.

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