Facebook Remarketing: Fundamentals Explained

Facebook Remarketing: Fundamentals Explained

Facebook remarketing is the process of campaigning ads aimed towards previous visitors to your website. Let’s take an example. If you’re an e-commerce store owner, you are likely to gain traffic to your pages for checking out. However, it might be the case that the bounce rate for these pages is quite substantial. You understand that visitors are on the verge of conversion but you are missing them.

Through the Facebook remarketing pixel, you can distinguish people who bounced and campaign for an aimed ad relying on their behavior. For instance, you can extend a Facebook-specific coupon code or a particular form of giveaways as a bonus to them to finish their buying.

How to create a Facebook Remarketing Campaign 

People eager to know how to set up a Facebook remarketing campaign can follow the five simple steps mentioned below. These guidelines accept that you already have an FB account for business advertisements.

1) Log on to your Facebook Ads Manager and choose Audiences 

You will see audiences in the dropdown menu while you click on Business Manager at the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

2) Click on Create Audience and choose Custom Audiences

Once more, you will see Create Audience at the upper left corner of the screen. To retarget, you will have to choose Custom Audience, which will enable you to launch a campaign that attains viewers who landed on a site.

3) Subsequently, Choose Website Traffic

There are certain choices for you. However, for retargeting purposes, you should concentrate on website traffic so that you are attaining those individuals who visited your site. The choices before you for generating a tailored audience are:

  • Via customer file – Utilize a customer file to pair your customers with Facebook users and generate an audience from the pairings. The data will have a hashtag before uploading.
  • Website traffic – Generate a list of individuals who view your website or visit particular web pages
  • Engagement/participation on Facebook – Generate a list of people who got involved with your content on Facebook

App Activity 

Generate a list of individuals who have performed a particular activity on your game or application This procedure is safe and the information about your customers is kept confidential.

4) Choose your target audience from the dropdown menu  

You will be redirected to a new screen that enables you to generate your tailored audience. There will be choices before you to aim at the following:

  • Anybody who views your website
  • Visitors who visit particular pages
  • People viewing particular web pages but not others
  • Viewers who have not visited during a particular period
  • Tailored blend

You will find several sample pages and helpful resources from the Internet regarding how it appears. There will be tailor-made audiences aiming at visitors who view their blogs. You can aim a date range, assign a name to it, and you are all prepared to kick-start the campaign.

5) Obtain your pixel code and put it on your website. 

If you have not already placed the Facebook remarketing pixel code on your site, you will require it for remarketing or retargeting.

What is Facebook remarketing pixel code? That is the code that you are required to put on your website for monitoring viewers. Why is the name so? After adding it, a minuscule 1×1 pixel will be fixed there in your site that is translucent and not visible. It enables monitoring of the visitors of your site. Through understanding they have viewed the pixel, you will realize that they have been to a specific page of your website or have performed a certain activity.

For obtaining the code, you need to do the following:

In the audience-segment of the Ads Manager, you will see the fresh Facebook remarketing campaign. Choose it and subsequently click Actions. After that, click on View Panel on the dropdown menu. Subsequently, you will receive the Facebook remarketing pixel base code that you can put on your site if you can do it on your own or take the help of a developer to perform it.

You will find this instruction there – copy the code given below and paste it between <head> and </head> in the website code. The pixel is going to monitor visits to each page of your site.

Remarketing on Facebook: Making the Campaigns Effective 

To make the most of your Facebook remarketing strategy, you need to ensure that you are grabbing the attention of your viewers and there is a good purpose for them to return to your purchase conduit. Remarketing with Facebook can be fun if you do it the right way. What is your objective for remarketing? Do you wish to aim at those who viewed your buying page, but did not proceed further? It might happen that someone went over a pair of sunglasses or sneakers on your site, but didn’t buy them. You can retarget them by offering a lucrative discount on your next advertisement or free shipment. Try to make your ad as captivating as possible.

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