Cost per Impression Facebook- How Much You Know About It?

Cost per Impression Facebook- How Much You Know About It?

Cost per Impression rates, employed in advertising media selection and digital marketing and is related to web traffic. Here, advertisers pay, whenever an advertisement is presented. Cost per Impression rate, the cost of internet marketing, traditional advertising, or email advertising campaigns. Cost per impression is the expense generated cost for every prospective customer who clicks and views the advert.

The Formula to Calculate Cost per Impression

Cost per Impression ($) = Advertising Cost ($)/ Number of Impressions ($)

The Cost per Impression study is a field of knowledge that every advertiser opts for. Every advertiser looking to invest in their advertisement campaigns has one question, how much do we pay for Facebook Ads? This article will give you an insight into the world of Facebook Advertisement and help you plan your campaign better. This article aims to help you increase your Click Through and boost your Cost per Impression rates.

The investment amount for advertising campaigns on Facebook depends on your target number for Cost per Impression. It also depends on elements like a month, day, hour, and location.

Benefits of the Correct Bidding on Facebook

The advertisement space on Facebook is auctioned. The strategy is to plan your bidding and get the most effective deals. To start your bid plan, you must know your target Cost per Impression amount. When you start a campaign you should have knowledge about your bidding prices or else Facebook chooses it for you. It is recommended to do your research and know your prices. One has to keep in mind that there are multiple advertisers on the platform. Your Cost per Impression target and bidding strategy will help you remain more competitive in the game.

The Factors that Affect Your Facebook Advertisement Cost Are

  • The Timing: The month, day, or even specific hour can affect your investment cost. Thus, it is important to align your timing with your targeted Cost per Impression rate, to achieve the best results.
  • The Bidding Strategy: You need to aware of several bidding plans that align with your targeted Cost per Impression rates. Thus, a specific bid strategy will determine your advertisement delivery cost.
  • The Placement: The placement of your advertisement will determine the cost. Placements with more competition will increase the cost.
  • Relevance standards: Facebook has some standards that will determine the quality of your advertisement- Engagement Ranking, Quality Ranking, and Conversion Ranking. You need to have high scores in these areas to decrease the cost of your campaign.
  • Target audience: Your target audience determines the investment cost and your Cost per Impression rates. Other advertisers may be targeting the same pool of audience; this will automatically increase your costs.

Thus, one has to keep in mind the mentioned factors and align them with your Cost per Impression rate on Facebook.

Ways To Derive More Out of the Facebook Advertisements

  • The right target: It is very important to know your Target Audience when initiating an advertisement campaign. The relevance of your brand and product increases when you target it to the right people. This will also help you raise your Cost per Impression rates. Your relevance score will help you decrease your advertisement investment cost.

Study the Frequency: Frequency data tells you the number of times the same people see your advertisements. It is ideal to keep this number as low as possible.

  • The problem of the same people seeing your advertisement over and over again and not engaging; renders your advertisement less appealing. This will have a direct impact on your click rates, lowering your Cost per Impression rates.
  • An attention-grabbing thumbnail: One of the quick ways of generating more engagement in your advertisement is to upload it with an attention-grabbing thumbnail. The quirky thumbnail will get more clicks, as the interest of the audience increases. This helps in boosting your cost per Impression rates for that advertisement.
  • Mention a Call to Action: Your advertisement should have a call to action button. This way, the interested audience can contact your company for immediate guidance or details. This is an excellent engagement trick.
  • Social Proof: Add social proof to your advertisement; something that resonates with your company and brand and helps your audience to connect with you more freely. Social proof could be- Celebrity endorsement, Verified customer review, or a list of companies that depend on your service.
  • Advertisement in the News Feed: For your advertisements to gain maximum engagement, it is advisable to keep your ads constricted to the news feed. Your audience devotes most of their attention to the Facebook news feed, thus, constricting your advertisement to that area will automatically increase engagement and also increases your chances to boost Cost per impression rates.

The Con of Facebook Advertisements- The Facebook Ad Fatigue

Facebook advertisement fatigue occurs when the same people are shown your advertisement too many times. This decreases the engagement rate of your advertisement. The Click Through rates drops as the frequency of your advertisement to the same group of people increases. This in turn can affect your Cost per Impression Rate.

Why this happens: Facebook users come across your advertisement more frequently than you think. Your advertisement on Facebook is competing against many sorts of content such as photos, statuses, etc. The competition and the frequency of your advertisements make the target audience take you for granted after a certain time. This directly reduces your Click Through Rate and also your Cost per Impression Rates.

As an advertiser, it is your responsibility to keep changing your advertisement variable, to ensure that your audience does not suffer from advertisement fatigue. As soon as you feel you have exhausted your advertisement to the same users, you start changing the variables. This will keep your Click Through Rates healthy and will boost your Cost per Impression Rates.

A summary of the Cost per Impression click for 2019 and 2020: during the pandemic, a lot of advertisers cut costs by spending less on their advertising campaign. The changes between weekday and weekend reduced when the pandemic was at its peaks. The prices shot up during the daytime. The recorded Cost per Like did not have many changes as compared to 2018 and 2019.

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