Black Hat SEO – An Easy Way to Success?

Black Hat SEO – An Easy Way to Success?

Black Hat SEO is like the ‘Voldemort of the web world’. It can do great things but in ways that do not fit into our conventional moral values. But in recent times, a revision of our moral guidelines has become necessary. So, if one were to resort to the path of Black hat SEO then they could not entirely be declared wrong. But the path would of course be fined with many potential punishments if and when the act gets caught. This is probably enough of such speculative remarks. Let’s dive into concrete information next, and understand how black the world of Black SEO is.

What is Black Hat SEO?

In today’s world when the online presence of a business plays a very important part in its growth, search engine optimization is no longer an accessorial star to your business, but the need of the hour. But there are numerous ways by which your site could achieve a higher ranking.

One of those ways is Black Hat SEO. Black Hat SEO is not exactly an illegal method, but (as is clear from the name) is not a very “white” practice either.

Black Hat SEO does not always require good quality content to bring your site under the light of search results. There are various Black Hat SEO tools that you can use, that might not always solve the user’s problems, but put up your site as results for the search that the user had asked for, just because it was probably remotely related to the search.

What are the techniques that Black Hat SEO includes?

 Black Hat SEO techniques are pretty simple if you think about them. They are just a bunch of clever tricks that successfully manipulates the system of the internet in believing that the site consists of content that the user wants. Some of the simplest of the tools that this system of search engine optimization uses are as follows:

1. Sneaking in keywords

Keyword stuffing is a common Black Hat SEO tactic. Here, the content consists of repetitive keywords or irrelevant ones. These keywords do not add any real value to the content, and sometimes even make it irritating for the reader. But it does put up your site under search results a lot!

2. Unnecessary redirects

The main aim behind using redirects is to provide the user with more and relevant information related to the search they had asked about. It involves using redirects to direct you to a less popular site, to boost its rank using backlinks. In these cases, the content is often abundantly filled with hidden links that the user might not be aware of at the first glance.

3. Cloaking

One of the darkest tools of Black Hat SEO, cloaking is the process under which the content that the users see and that the search engines see, are quite different. This they do to avoid the search engine bots and escape detection of their spam content.

The main question, in the end, is whether Black Hat SEO tactics consist of any risk. Well, of course, they do. The moment you resort to Black Hat SEO techniques you automatically sign your consent in paying heavy penalties if and when caught. The best way is to; therefore, keep your content as clean as possible. After all, if your content is good, something that would be in accordance with the readers’ needs, your site would anyway be listed under the top search results. That is what you want anyway, right?

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