Artificial Intelligence: An Overview

Artificial Intelligence: An Overview

Artificial Intelligence has become one of the fields which has been gaining a lot of importance recognition over the past few years. Most of us must have come across this terminology but most people cannot understand what it actually is. Through this article, one can get a basic idea about what is artificial intelligence?

Definition of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence definitions are plenty. But it can be said that Artificial Intelligence or AI is a computer science branch where the emphasis is given to developing intelligent machines that can work and think like a human.

History of Artificial Intelligence

No matter how old a person is they must have come across AI knowingly or unknowingly. Every person is connected to Artificial Intelligence because of technological advancement. Be it, Alexa, Tesla, Netflix, Watson, or Siri everything has AI involved.

The traces of modern AI can be traced back to the time when the classical philosophers gave an attempt to the define thinking of humans as a symbolic system. But it is in 1956, one can say AI was formally founded. The term artificial intelligence was coined in 1956 in Dartmouth college which is in Hanover. John McCarthy, Marvin Minsky, Alan Turing, Herbert A. Simon and Allen Newell are the founding fathers of Artificial Intelligence.  

Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach

AI has not completely taken over but they have started affecting our life, work, health, studies, entertainment, and many more things. Today, in this modern era, AI is used in the following ways:

  • SIRI 

Siri which is famous as Apple’s assistant in a form of voice-over recognition is a form of AI.  As a human, Siri helps to make calls, add contacts, find directions and information, send messages, marks important dates on calendars and so.

  • Alexa

The use and ability of Alexa by amazon to interpret dialogue from anywhere in a room help us search the information from the web, shop, fix appointments, set alarms, and many other things. It also helps to make our house a  smart home.

  • Tesla

This smart car company invented self-driving cars with the help of AI. It has many other features which can be categorized as AI.

  • Cogito

This company is a fusion of behavioural science and machine learning. It makes phone calls easier.

  • Boxever

It is a corporation that depends on machine learning for improving the experience of the customer in the industry such as travel and delivers experiences or ‘micro-moments,’ that provides satisfaction to the customers.

John Paul, Amazon, Netflix, Pandora, and Nest are few other firms one can talk about when asked what is the modern approach of artificial intelligence all about.

It can be easily predicted that the artificial intelligence future will involve improved cognitive systems which the machine learning system today cannot. They will fluently and smartly interact along with human experts, by delivering them articulate answers and explanations. 

Artificial Intelligence has a huge impact on humans and is now changing the way people leave. As everything comes with a cost, there are disadvantages as well a lot of benefits of artificial Intelligence.  But if we as humans should not misuse AI and use and focus on the positive aspects of innovation to build a better world.

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