AHREFs SEO Toolbar –Features and How It Helps

AHREFs SEO Toolbar –Features and How It Helps

In brief, let us understand what the AHREFs SEO toolbar is before we explore the features and the benefits you can enjoy with the same. It is an SEO toolbar for Chrome and Firefox. It allows you to get access to useful information related to SEO data about the websites and the web pages that you visit. 

Features of AHREFs SEO toolbar

This SEO toolbar has many features and some of them are as follows-

  1. You will be able to get access to the On-page SEO report
  2. Another feature is its broken link checker
  3. It also serves as a link highlighter
  4. Get information about SERP positions
  5. It has a redirect tracer equipped with HTTP Headers
  6. Being an Ahrefs user, you will be able to know about the SEO metrics for the websites and the web pages that you visit and also for the search results on Google.
  7. SERP result export
  8. Find out about the keyword metrics like keyword difficulty and search volume

Let us take into account a few of the main features mentioned above SEO toolbar extension. Out of the above, let us know more about the following-

1. On-page SEO report

You will get a concise report related to the following-

  • Canonical URL
  • Title and description
  • Hreflangs
  • Indexability 
  • Crawlability
  • Social tags
  • Content subheaders
  • Word count
  • Published dates
  • Dates of updates

2. Serves as a broken link checker

With the help of the Ahrefs SEO toolbar, you can audit the pages that have broken links and look for resources and links in the niche web pages. Dead outbound links that are visible in red can be exported with a single click to CSV. 

3. Know about Ahrefs SEO metrics

With this feature, you will be able to see the vital SEO metrics for every web page and website that you are visiting.

  • Ahrefs Rank
  • Domain Rating
  • Backlink numbers
  • Referring domains
  • Number of keywords that are ranking
  • A rough estimate of organic search traffic
  • URL Rating

4. Analyze the top search engine results

Find out the level of difficulty and the degree of competition with the help of SEO metrics for pages that are on the top ranking place

5. Find out about keyword metrics

The Ahrefs SEO toolbar will give you insight into-

  • Clicks 
  • Search volume. This will include both country volume as well as global
  • KD or Keyword Difficulty
  • CPC or Cost per Click

6. Get reports in a single click

You can get a report about the outcome of the above features with just a single click. 

There are other free SEO toolbars too that you can apply for the SEO metrics.

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