Agencies Warn Regarding New Phishing Attacks

Agencies Warn Regarding New Phishing Attacks

Cybercriminals are adopting new techniques to maximize phishing emails on a greater scale. Recently, various tech companies and agencies issued warnings regarding ongoing phishing scams.

What are the major warnings?

  •  IRS (Internal Revenue Service) issued a warning to U.S. taxpayers and tax professionals regarding current phishing attacks. These attacks are attempting to take EFINs (Electronic Filing Identification Numbers) of the taxpayers.
  •  Microsoft too alerted its users regarding the OAuth phishing attack.
  • FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) has warned the businesses too. According to its investigations cybercriminals are taking up voice phishing attacks. They are also stealing confidential information like the login credentials of the employees. Attackers are making use of VoIP platforms to target users.

Some statistics regarding this

  • According to a report by Google, Gmail users from the United States are majorly targeted. They are the go-to targets of cybercriminals and attackers for malware and phishing attacks related to e-mail. Attacks targeted to them account for around 42%.
  •  Vade Secure reported, cloud service business was majorly impersonated during last year at 33%. Financial services followed this at 29%.
  • Google stopped 99% of targeted phishing attacks. Among a hundred million phished emails including malware, links, and spam.

Some of the recent attacks

  • Prosecutors have suspended the use of spyware in Italy. Most likely due to its use in WhatsApp.
  • In the recent attack, a phishing campaign used Morse code to stow away malicious URLs.

Cybercriminals will always find ways to carry out their purpose. However, you need to be extra careful. Also, employees and users should always keep a check on the address bar and implement two-factor authentication.

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