Ad Extensions – Brings More Value to Your Ad Campaign

Ad Extensions – Brings More Value to Your Ad Campaign

If your ads on social media platforms do not generate the desired results and somehow lack content, what additional effort must connect with the audience? Luckily, you can now add new features to your ads using the Google ad extension features that helps to boost the performance.

The existing automated add-on features on Google ads helped boost the performance of an ad. However, the Google ad extension is a new feature that marketers have utilized to their advantage.

A typical Ad has a URL, a headline, and a crisp description. The ad extensions help provide more value-added information that translates better recall value and a strong CTA (call to action). The CTA, in turn, gives a better return on investment (ROI) on ad expenses. The best part of an ad extension is that it is automated, which means that one can focus on other jobs. 

What are Ad Extensions?

Let’s discover this lovely tool. While the manual creation of advertisements boosts attractions with a new audience, on the other hand, automated AdWord extensions help to improve ad performance. Ad extensions generally work with all kinds of ads. Still, some are restricted for display only on devices such as laptops and desktops.   

Once you add an ad extension, it will show up every time an ad gets triggered. The trigger happens because google ads consider multiple factors about the user and the intended keywords whenever a user search query activates an ad. The sophistication of the google ads platform helps predict whether an ad extension can enhance an ad’s performance or not. If yes, then an automatic extension is created and displayed along with the ad. 

Why do search ad extensions matter?

Search ad extensions help to increase visibility, improve engagement and influence the quality of ads. When Google Ads provides relevant ad extensions, it allows users to make an informed choice. This results in an increased likelihood of matching the search queries, addressing the user’s signals, and providing a higher click-through rate. In addition, an ad extension will have a lower cost per click than searching for an ad headline. All this results in a better Return on investment (ROI), improved Ad rank, and better-quality score.

How to check the performance of ad extensions?

It makes sense to check the performance of the automated AdWord extensions, like knowing how many conversions have been generated from this tool. This data can be generated by viewing the performance data within the ad extension tab. 

Some examples of automated ad extensions:

  • Automated call extensions help to show the business contact number whenever the ad is seen on a mobile. Thus, users can see the number and contact the business. 
  • Addition links seen at the bottom of a textual ad helps to direct the viewer to the right place on a website. This is based on the user’s navigation history and the website’s popular pages and links. 

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